This site is dedicated to opposing the GGNRA 2011 Dog Plan.

This site has three primary objectives:
1) provide a concise place to learn about the issues,
2) provide a concise place to see current the status,
3) provide a starting point to navigate the plethora of existing resources.


I am an individual dog owner who loves the San Francisco Bay Area, nature, all animals and believes that the GGNRA Dog Plan will ultimately have enormous negative impacts on the quality of life for all residents, including dog and non-dog advocates.

Samir Adams Ghosh


One Response to About

  1. DP says:


    I’ve made a video summary of last week’s GGNRA hearing. You may want to post it on your website, facebook, etc.

    https://rapidshare.com/files/458243893/NPSvsBayAreaDogs.mp4 (you can download it with the free account)

    You can also watch it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efFvxBUwjfE
    But in case I remove it from YouTube, it’s better to download it for your website/facebook/etc.

    Thank you for participating in that hearing,

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