Comments/Letter Template

_________________ (date)

Frank Dean, General Superintendent
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Fort Mason, Building 201
San Francisco, CA 94123-0022

Dear Mr. Dean,

I am writing to oppose the GGNRA’s draft dog management plan. It is not based in fact; instead, it relies on speculations, exaggerations, and misleading statements. It reaches conclusions that are not supported by either the science or the law.

The GGNRA can accommodate both recreation and conservation. It was designed as an urban recreation area, not a pristine wilderness areas like Yosemite. In fact, the courts have repeatedly upheld the existing 1979 pet policy. They have said that it was consistent in both fact and intent with the original mandate for recreation upon which the GGNRA was founded.

This plan disregards the health and well-being of people, dogs, and the community. It arbitrarily excludes the Bay Area residents who exercise regularly with their canine companions.This plan discriminates against all people with dogs, including tourists, seniors, families, the disabled, minorities, and others.

The GGNRA draft management plan does not provide evidence to justify such drastic changes to 40 years of healthy dog and human recreation. The Park Service should revise the dog management plan to:

▪    Honor the original 1979 Pet Policy. Respect dog-walking as legitimate recreation.

▪    Provide for extensive off and on-leash dog walking on all trails and other lands acquired by the GGNRA since 1979, especially in San Mateo County.

▪    Exclude speculative, exaggerated, biased, or misleading statements and studies.

▪    Provide reasonable ways to address any significant adverse impacts from recreational activities. Use objective standards applicable to other recreational activities (e.g., equestrians, boaters, fishermen, surfers, bicyclists, beach-goers, joggers, walkers, etc.).

▪    Enable professional dog walking and align any professional dog walking rules with county or city regulations.

▪    Eliminate “compliance-based management,” which will allow additional restrictions to be implemented without any public input.

These are my personal comments and observations regarding this plan:
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