East Bay impact

William L Carman Feb 15

Bay Area Dog Owner Groups ALERT.

The East Bay Regional Park district (EBRPD) is beginning the process to update their Master Plan. One component of the survey is Question 34 and 35. (continuance or elimination of off leash dogs on the trails). Please make your voice heard in the early planning process.

Currently they have a policy of allowing dogs off leash in most undeveloped areas, they are considering changing this. If the EBRPD eliminates off leash trail use, it could start a domino effect.
If you wish to continue having places to walk your dog off leash in the East Bay, or even want a fenced in dog park to train your puppies nearby, then please fill out the survey. If you like bicycling with your dog off leash you might like the multi use aspect of the trails, or perhaps you want some trails that are single use for what ever activity you like doing. Please take the time to be heard, your response will affect the regional planning, and the local parks managed by EBRPD.

Link to Survey

Current off leash rules for EBRP. Paste into your browser the following if you want to learn about current policies.

Bill Carman

The survey is being hosted by survey monkey which means you can fill it out often from the same computer, but rumors suggest it must be filled out completely.


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