Sample Letter to Congress

Following is an example email to submit to your congress person.  Feel free to plagiarize any part.  Please do not use this as a substitute for calling on March 21st.  Ideally, do both.

Nancy Pelosi’s web site:


Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

I hope you are aware of the GGNRA’s recent Dog Plan that proposes 90% reduction in off-leash dog areas and gives GGNRA un-contestable authority to completely eliminate all off-leash areas.  I have never seen $1M spent on such a report that includes virtually no objective data.

First, it includes no tangible rationale for making any changes to off-leash rules and should be unilaterally dismissed on that point alone.

Then, this “study” fails to present hard data backing their recommendations, fails to provide any impact analysis of their recommendations, and fails to adhere to the existing 1979 court rulings.  All of their options, including “No Change” actually reduce off-leash rights from the current conditions.  No options were considered for expanding off-leash areas, which arguably could have greater positive effects.

The NPS repeatedly makes the mistake of prioritizing GGNRA lands for conservancy over recreation, and often arguing that all of the other NPS lands do not allow off-leash areas.  That misses critical points including in this unique circumstance:
•    these are “national recreation areas”,
•    national recreation areas are not all managed by NPS, so should not be limited by NPS rules,
•    the City of San Francisco gave lands to GGNRA under the condition that these lands would be used for recreation, and
•    these parks are uniquely within an urban area so should not be treated with same rules as say Yosemite.

With only 1% of GGNRA lands dedicated to off-leash access, further restricting off-leash access can only offer small (if any) gains versus the enormous impact to the 10,000 dog visitors per day, the health of dog owners whose primary exercise is walking their dogs, and the subsequent overcrowding of city dog areas, insufficient dog exercise and socialization which will lead to further overcrowding of abandoned dog shelters.

Whether you are actively hearing from your constituents or not, I assure you there is a major uproar brewing in your district.  I would encourage you to proactively take a pulse.  This GGNRA Dog Plan will have enormous detrimental effect on one of the most unique, forward thinking and treasured cities in the world.

Please visit for more info.
Best regards,

Bay Area resident and voter


One Response to Sample Letter to Congress

  1. Anne Farrow says:

    Well written, concise, passionate….thank you!!!!

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